As their into science learning Year 3 visited the park today where nothing was moving. They worked out how to push and pull the equipment to make it move. They worked out that if they both pushed the swing didn’t move!


Thank you to for a wonderful experience for 5 Earhart this afternoon.


Reception children had an and trip to planetarium today. “Are we actually in space?”


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We had 3 great mentors B4S club assisting with some coaching and mentoring with the new students yr 3+4 students attending it was great over seeing 3 yr5 students coach so well a big well done to Tobey, Charlie and Malachi🥊👍


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Congratulations to all new students B4S Skills and Fitness Club great work🥊🥇🥊 today you all performed like rock stars💥great to see the girls working so focused🥊#primaryschool


As a hook into their learning about Romeo and Juliet and Crime and Punishment Year 6 were summoned to the hall by Mr Robinson. Once there they were met with a crime scene for them to examine!


We had a very special guest visit HPAO this afternoon to have afternoon tea with Year 1.


Are you a parent of a child on Year 2? This video explains 2018 KS1 SATs which children will be completing sometime in May.


Are you a parent of a child in Year 6? This video explains the KS2 SATs for 2018 which start on May 14th.


Everyone in Year 3 has been given a blue pen to write with and the improvement in handwriting, as shown by Harley’s penguin fact file today, is amazing!


Much hilarity in assembly this morning at the arrival of a large Emperor penguin... “it’s Mr Robinson!”


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Being enthusiastic about learning is very important for children. Thank you for all the hard work and dedication. Even the parents are excited about all the penguin fun and learning!


A flock or colony of penguins have arrived in Year 5


Children in the SOU re told the story of 365 penguins as a comic novel.


Year 1 labelled the body parts of a penguin


Year 3 organised the penguins into arrays to make storing them in the house easier.


Year 3 created a colour wash background for their penguins.


Year 3 wrote diaries as Antarctic explorers visiting for the first time.


Year 2 have painted stones to look like penguins and made penguins out of 2D shapes.

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