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As a parent and governor of I am truly grateful and excited about this school. Big thank you to all the staff! Fantastic finish event at the school this morning.


Tables full of learning on display in the gym today for our ‘fabulous finish’ to this half term’s topics.


As a thank you to all the parents who have supported their children to maintain high attendance this half term, everyone can wear their own clothes tomorrow!


Hooray! Well done indeed. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Congratulations to 3 Farah who had the longest line of pennies in the penny mile for today totalling 45 metres. A very special mention to Bluebelle whose contributions alone totalled 24.5 metres!


The penny mile for has been a great success with 226 metres of coins laid out in the hall. Thank you to everyone who sent money in... the winning class will be announced soon!


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Great work today to all 116 students we delivered to! All working towards July's S+F Competition working on their skill skipping routine👍 🏆🥊🥇


Michelle from visited us to talk in assembly to about the charity ahead of the penny mile fundraiser on Wednesday.


A wonderful collaborative moment on the KS2 playground; French skipping with Mrs Brooks.


HPAO pupils chosen to be a mascot and a flag bearer at for the FA Trophy Final thanks to and St Andrew’s house charity . Remember we are holding a penny mile for them on Wednesday!


Well done to all of our Year 6 children who have been amazing ALL week completing the . We are so proud of you. You are all stars!


Royal Wedding cupcakes with lunch today


Our EYFS classrooms are full of happy children proudly sharing their learning profiles with family.


A cooked breakfast welcome for our wonderful Year 6 who are all in and full of smiles.


3 Farah are very excited... our broad bean seeds are sprouting!


Reception enjoyed a fantastic morning in the sunshine at St Paul’s Recreation Ground! They climbed rocks, played on the enormous climbing frame and had lots of fun on the zip wire too! After a snack they played ‘Poohsticks’ on the bridge!


Tomorrow, Thursday 3rd May, we are closed for all children in YrR to Yr5. See you all as normal on Friday 4th when gates open at 8:30.


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Boxing4Schools After School Club had a new level of speed and skill today, with the students bring totally focused on their work more to follow...............


Year 4 had a great day aboard the on Monday, enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of the steam train as their hook into learning.


Year 3 enjoyed making (and eating) edible rainforests as the hook into our topic.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.


At HPAO we have a thematic approach to teaching the curriculum based on our Power of Reading and The Literacy Tree.

In Year R we will be teaching sequences and themes based on the following texts:


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4

Term 5

Term 6

Line of enquiry

 “How do you tell a story?”

“What is a mythical creature?”

 “Is Space Empty?”

 “What grows?

 “What makes our world wonderful?”

 “What makes a superhero super?”


Library visit

Discovery centre “A world inside a book”


Elf on the shelf

Planetarium trip


Caterpillars or

Duck eggs

(Frog spawn)

Arrival of Travelling Bear +letter

Local walk – St Pauls Cray recreation ground

Superhero day


Going on a Bear Hunt


Traditional Tales (orally)


The Gruffalo


Stick Man (Stanley’s Stick)

Whatever Next

Sidney, Stella and the moon


Tadpoles promise


Enormous Turnip

Hungry Caterpillar

One night, far from here


The Wonderful World




Elliot Jones Midnight Superhero


Boundaries and behaviour expectations


Speaking to others confidently


Playing cooperatively


Resolve conflicts



Explain own knowledge and understanding


Choosing own resources

How we show feelings and show sensitivity


Take account of others ideas

Adjust behaviour to different situations


 Speaking to groups confidently


Confident trying new things


Say why the like activities more than others


Listening to stories and joining in with refrains


Understanding prepositions


Recreate roles

Extending vocabulary


Listen and respond to others


Two part instructions

Understanding humour


Follow a story without pictures or props


Anticipate key events

Use talk to organise, sequence and clarify


Past present and future forms

How and why questions

Develop own narratives


Moving in different ways


Own basic hygiene

Keeping safe

Fine motor

Letter formation

Healthy diet

Importance of exercise

Ways of keeping safe in different contexts


Own name


Linking sounds to letters


Letter formation

Rhyming string


Uses vocab influenced by books



Getting information from books and computers


Segmenting and blending longer words


Writing sentences in meaningful contexts

Demonstrate understanding about what they have read


Writing irregular commons words


Writing that can be read by self and others


Positional language Size

Number recognition and ordering



1 more and 1 less




Counting on and back


Doubling and Halving

2d shapes



3D shapes




Complete a program


Past and present events


Similarities and differences – themselves and others

Features of environments


Recognise the range of technology

Similarities and differences –living things

Observation of plants and animals

Similarities and differences – places


How environments vary

Select and use technology for a purpose



Cooking gingerbread, porridge, bread


Role play

Different textures


Mixing colours





Use a variety of resources to construct

Symmetry pictures


Adapting own work


Different cultural dances/music


Different tools and techniques


Changing songs and dances


Designing in original ways

100 things

Climb a huge hill

Roll down a hill

Count the rings on a tree stump

Make a mud pie

Make a grass trumpet

Make a trail with sticks

Catch a falling leaf

Play in the snow?

Hold an object which is 100s of years old

Launch a rocket into the sky

Find some frogspawn

Bring up a butterfly

Pick blackberries growing in the wild

Climb a tree

Play pooh sticks

Try Rock climbing

Go bird watching

Rock climbing

Be a superhero for a day

Make up a song

Make up a dance