This week's fresh meal menu from Barings includes Smoky Bean Chilli and Sausages and Winter Mash. Parents and carers are very welcomed to collect now, remember to bring a shopping bag with you!


Freshly made ready meals have been delivered for all our families at HPAO, last week’s menu consisted of Chicken Katsu and Vegetable Keralan🙂


A BIG thank you to Barings for providing fresh ready-made meals to our families today! We have Smokey Bean Chilli and Winter Mash on the menu.


Our pupils in the ARP have created this display to honour Remembrance Day. We will be paying our respects as a whole school at 11am with 2 minutes silence.


Reception 2021 -2022 Virtual open day meetings! Wednesday 11 November 9.30am Thursday 12 November 1.30pm Wednesday 18 November 9.30am Thursday 19 November 1.30pm Please contact the school as soon as possible to book


Year 6 have been working hard at school this week. Here pupils are having fun creating art through collaging🎨


If you are in receipt of free school meals, please collect your Hamper from our Reception: Tuesday 27 October 2020 10:00–12:00 Wednesday 28 October 2020 10:00–12:00 Thursday 29 October 2020 10:00–12:00 Friday 30 October 2020 between 10:00-12:00 Please maintain social distancing


🚨Year 6 Parent Reminder The deadline for secondary school applications is next Saturday 31st October. Please follow the link here and let us know if you need any assistance.


Reception have been looking at ‘people who help us’ this term. They had a Teams Meeting with a Police Officer for the children to understand the job they do.


Miss Kirby has created an amazing Gingerbread Man shadow puppet show!!


Mrs Lone and Ms Fish have made a video to show you what school is going to be like when we re-open. Things are going to look different, but if you are coming back to school, we don't want you to be scared or worried.


We ❤️ receiving pictures of you all hard at work on your home learning! Please do send in your pictures, whether you are working like this young man here, or doing fun activities in your garden, so we can share them in this week's Newsletter!


Making the most of the breezy weather with handmade kites!


Thanks to the awesome pupils who provide such amazing material for our feed, we now have 500 followers!!! 🎉🥳


Our key worker children (two sibling groups today!) have had a great day making VE Day bunting and learning to write messages in Morse Code!


A ferocious lion has been discovered in HPAO’s playground! 🦁


Retweetd From Overbes

Conrad the Year 4 Lewis archaeologist. He found an ancient lost plaque from the Benin Kingdom, it's of the Oba!!!!


Fantastic work, Conrad - or should we call you Indiana Jones?!


Not to be outdone, sister Lola has also appeared on ITV today! Well done, Lola


A huge well done to Spike in Year 1, who had his artwork shown on ITV "Kids Create" yesterday, just before Judge Rinder! Congratulations, Spike - you can give us your autograph when you come back to school 🙂

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