From September we will be offering Breakfast & Afterschool clubs as we team up with ! Take a look at the information on the images for your child to take part


Today Year 1 have invented ‘Tennis-ball’ and ‘Foot-boules’, whilst Year 4 made the creatively-named ‘cones, cones, cones’ and ‘10 foot bag’ with some incredible rules. Great to see the sharing of rules and games with each other!


Year 6 leavers party in full swing out in the sun! Teachers using all of their experience to pass on the dance moves to the best party songs in history 🕺🏾💃🏻 ☀️🔊


Year 2 have been using their leadership skills this morning. When given a box of equipment they have set up a mini football pitch, a tennis court, a ‘superstar-chicken arena’, “piggy in the middle tennis edition” and taken ownership of it all. Fantastic peer-teaching throughout!


Huge thanks to the PTA for paying for ice creams for every child. Due to the weather forecast, Year 6 plans for today changed from a Park Visit to a School Cinema and an Ice Cream treat!


Year 1 have spent time outside this morning recreating the story ‘We are going on a Lion Hunt’ using musical instruments 🦁 🥁🪘


Congratulations to Queen’s! We look forward to next year, when we will be able to have a real festival of sports and finally welcome all of the parents/guardians to enjoy the day with us!


The final count-up has been done, and the trophy has been handed… to Queen’s! The final scores were- 291- Queen’s 289- St Andrews 282- Oxbridge 269- Cardiff Well done to everyone that took part over the last 2 days, some amazing effort and learning opportunities through out!


Year 6 finished the day off to add the final points to the board…. Results are being counted and will shortly be announced!


Before lunch, year 5 had their turn to try and change the leaderboard!


Year 4 then took their chance to add some points to the leaderboard, with some pretty close finishes in the running!


Next up was Cowell class, which produced maybe the best photo of the entire Sports Day! It doesn’t matter which team you are on, we always help out a friend!


And they thoroughly enjoyed the obstacle race!


Inkpen class were first up for Sports Day today!


The scores at the halfway point of the Sports Days: 1st- Queen’s 2nd- St Andrews 3rd- Oxbridge 4th- Cardiff There are 17 points between 1st and 4th, so it is all still to play for!


The day finishes with Year 3 adding some much-needed points to the tally of their teams!


Year 2 having some fun with the obstacle race!


Before a break for lunch, year 2 put in an incredible effort for their events!


Year 1 are up now! Some amazing teamwork going on today!


What a great start to sports day with EYFS! Looks like red is in the lead!

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