Great team building games as part of training today!


Year 2 have been invaded - by pirates! Freshwater Theatre have transported Y2 back in time to meet some pirates - what a great way to start their new topic: "Land Ahoy!"


Congratulations to the winners of our Easter Bonnet Parade!!!


Parents do not forgot you are all invited to the E-Safety workshop this morning at 9am in the gym hall. Hope to see you there!


A Fantastic Friday Finish was seen last week at HPAO we hope the parents who came enjoyed it!


Look at this fantastic writing - are these Year 6 pupils? No, they are in YEAR TWO!!! Amazing ⁦⁩!


More live action from at - its tea time!


Young Voices at the O2 right now - Mrs Dando reports that it is fab!! Sing your hearts out and have a great time!


Weather Watch: If HPAO needs to close tomorrow we will Parentmail and put a message on the website by 7am.


More Shining Stars at HPAO - Take a bow, Year One!!!!


Year 5 are on an Egyptian Exploration with and helping to break the curse!


Well done to these Year 5 pupils who have reached the Silver level of our behaviour reward system. We are so proud of you and the efforts you make in your learning every day!


Fantastic behaviour this week from these two Year 1 ladies has seen them zoom to the blue section of the Rocket Chart! Well done!!!!


Well done to these boys in Year 3, who have reached Silver Level on the behaviour chart! from all at HPAO


It’s time to feel Christmassy!!!!! HPAO’s first 2018 Christmas performance is courtesy of our EYFS. Bravo Elephant and Giraffe classes!


The children and parents enjoyed the samples on offer last night during parents evening. Well done and thank you to a Chartwells from HPAO


Fantastic “Phonics in Action” this morning. Thank you to the parents who attended the sessions!


HPAO pupils share their thoughtful Remembrance display


Tea with the Queen for our Year One pupils today -their hook into learning around the book ‘The Queen’s Handbag’ by . All very refined and lots of fun!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Our Aim and Vision

We take great pride in providing a stimulating and rewarding place to work which enables all of our children to shine and achieve their dreams.

As Albert Einstein said everyone is a genius. If you judge a fish by their ability to climb a tree then they will believe they are stupid. We believe every child is unique with their own unique talents.

Children are our future. We have high expectations and encourage every child to aim high and achieve their dreams. 

We need to find their gifts, creativity and promote confidence in them. We must prepare them for the future not the past. Develop their ability to communicate and connect with each other. Enable them to be resilient and develop a growth mindset.

We aim to provide experiences that they can touch, feel and create. Allow them to see the consequences of their choices.  As educators, we are all true pioneers of change and we strive to be the best we can be.

No two brains are the same. One size does not fit all. We all have different needs, strengths and barriers to overcome. What we need to determine is how we reach our goal.

As teachers, we have the most important job on the planet. Yes, doctors carry out heart surgery but as teachers we can reach the heart of children and allow them to put their faith in us. We aim to bring the spirit out of each and every child, reach their inner core and encourage them to believe in themselves.

We develop ambitious and outstanding teachers who make a difference every day.  We develop a can-do learning environment where children are encouraged, as we are, to take risks to achieve their potential.

Achieving the best requires hard work, effort, drive and resilience. There are no short cuts.