October School - A happy end to a hard and enjoyable week of maths and reading. Well done to all the students. 👏


October School; today students are enjoying logic games, in maths - Tyrone beat his teacher Mr Sawh 7 - 0!!!


October School Year 6 tackled more reading challenges today!


October School pupils are exploring synonyms📚


October School is off to a good start! Children are reading, looking closely at poetry and discussing the use of imagery...


HPAO PTA - we are holding our Autumn Fair this Friday at the Academy and look forward to seeing you🙂


Mini Autumn Fair coming up soon!


PTA School Disco coming soon! Take a look below for the details!


HPAO Sports Clubs are now all live on ParentPay for bookings. Places are being booked quickly so book now to avoid disappointed! Tennis is the latest addition and starts on Monday! All clubs are 3:30-4:30PM


Retweetd From HPA Orpington

Coffee Morning 30th September 2021! We look forward to seeing you 🙂


Football club is back! First week- indoor 4v4s with a Futsal ball! These children have really been working on their dribbling over the summer!


Coffee Morning 30th September 2021! We look forward to seeing you 🙂


Been in almost stand-still traffic for a couple of hours now 😨


Goodbye Nethercott House! We’ve had so much fun! And goodbye to Sam the farm cat! 😻


Making plaited loaves! 🥖


Chopping vegetables for tonight’s soup! 🥕🥔


Paddling in the river 💦and grooming the horses🐴


Enjoying some well-deserved lunch! Lamb curry followed by cookies 🍪


Beautifully adorned in flowers from the garden!

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Our Vision and Academy Improvement Plan

Our Vision and Ethos

Through our strong ethos, staff, parents, governors and friends of Harris Primary Academy Orpington are committed to working together to provide the highest quality of education that will meet the needs of every child and enables them to achieve their personal best. We take great pride in providing a stimulating and rewarding place to work which enables all of our pupils to shine and reach their potential

Our vision “Success for all” is the basis upon which all decisions are made.

We have high expectations of each other and all of our pupils. We encourage our pupils to reach for the stars and the belief that if we miss then we will hit the moon!

We set robust aspirational targets to achieve success. Many of our children come from challenging backgrounds and we need them to believe in themselves and develop the self confidence that they can achieve their dreams. We encourage risks to be taken and understand that mistakes are made for a reason and that they help us all to learn.

With the right mind-set we motivate pupils and help them to achieve through developing a love of learning. We aim to develop masters of teaching, every pupil deserves a great teacher, and in doing so we develop the whole child and take a holistic approach to support not only their academic learning but also their emotional well-being.

Academy Priorities 2020-2021

Priority 1 

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment 

  • To increase the percentage of consistently good and outstanding teaching across the school. (100% good or better by July 2020 with 30% outstanding). 
  • To implement the recovery curriculum and ensure accelerated learning in reading, writing, maths and phonics. 
  • To develop the curriculum further by ensuring subject specific skills and knowledge are evidenced more clearly, in books and planning. 
  • To delivery relationships and Sex Education curriculum. (RSE) 
  • To further develop writing to build stamina for writing and to re- address presentation expectations after national lockdown. 
  • To raise attainment in reading of the lowest 20%. 



Priority 2 

Outcomes for pupils 

  • To deliver the Recovery curriculum and catch-up programme minimising gaps children’s learning.  In Reading, Writing and Maths, children to achieve 80% expected and 20% to achieve GDS.  
  • To accelerate the progress of all pupils in order that outcomes at the end of EYFS, in Y1 Phonics screening check and end of KS1 and KS2 are at or above national expectations for all groups. 
  • Continue to accelerate progress for SEND and PP pupils by reviewing the tracking and interventions that these pupils receive. 
  • Ensure outcomes in all KS2 Year groups, at both age- related and greater depth meet national figures and continue to meet or exceed national figures at all key stages.  

Priority 3 

Effectiveness of leadership and management 

  • That leaders at all levels have a clear understanding of how the school is doing and are accountable for key areas in order to effectively drive whole school improvement. 
  • To ensure recovery curriculum is implemented and to continue to embed a revised curriculum across the school. 
  • To grow and develop further links with parents, improving the reputation of the academy and creating a partnership, building on the successes identified in the inspection of July 2019. 
  • To ensure behaviour systems are in line with Trauma informed Schools (UK) approach and are consistently and effectively applied to ensure continued high standards of behaviour with the new staffing and leadership model. 

Priority 4 

Effectiveness of the early years provision 

  • To ensure the leadership of the newly appointed EYFS Leader effectively leads a well-run and high performing provision. 
  • Continue to raise the percentage of Reception pupils reaching the expected level or above. 
  • Continue to support disadvantaged groups and review the gender gap.  
  • To increase number of admissions in 2021-2022