Miss Kirby has created an amazing Gingerbread Man shadow puppet show!!


Mrs Lone and Ms Fish have made a video to show you what school is going to be like when we re-open. Things are going to look different, but if you are coming back to school, we don't want you to be scared or worried.


We ❤️ receiving pictures of you all hard at work on your home learning! Please do send in your pictures, whether you are working like this young man here, or doing fun activities in your garden, so we can share them in this week's Newsletter!


Making the most of the breezy weather with handmade kites!


Thanks to the awesome pupils who provide such amazing material for our feed, we now have 500 followers!!! 🎉🥳


Our key worker children (two sibling groups today!) have had a great day making VE Day bunting and learning to write messages in Morse Code!


A ferocious lion has been discovered in HPAO’s playground! 🦁


Retweetd From Overbes

Conrad the Year 4 Lewis archaeologist. He found an ancient lost plaque from the Benin Kingdom, it's of the Oba!!!!


Fantastic work, Conrad - or should we call you Indiana Jones?!


Not to be outdone, sister Lola has also appeared on ITV today! Well done, Lola


A huge well done to Spike in Year 1, who had his artwork shown on ITV "Kids Create" yesterday, just before Judge Rinder! Congratulations, Spike - you can give us your autograph when you come back to school 🙂


In the first HPAO Socially-Distanced Cricket Tournament, Mr Court has just been bowled out for 0 by a Year 3 dynamo. (Miss Melhuish hit 2 sixes 💪💪). A gorgeous day for a game outside with our keyworker children


Mrs Lone's Monday Message is now live!


Year 4 are on a roll this week, look at this wonderful bird table made by this clever lad - we are very impressed!


These siblings from our Year 1 and 4 classes have created this amazing video showing the wildlife that can be found in their back garden. Thank you for sharing!


An important message regarding E-safety


Mrs Lone's Monday Message (2) via


More lovely ladybirds on this sunny spring Friday.


When we uploaded the EYFS "The Bad Tempered Ladybird" to our website this weekend, we were very excited about the prospect of a week of ladybirds flying into our school inbox. Here's a fab one from Jack!


This gorgeous picture has brightened up our inbox today.

Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

Central Office















Year 5

Update April 20th 2020:

The DfE have asked us to make all parents aware that they have created model lessons and resources for all academies available at this link:

There are also daily lessons available via the BBC Bitesize link here:

Of course our Harris Primary Academy Orpington teachers will continue to develop and post materials every week for the children via these pages but if your child wishes to try the other materials then we are happy to provide the links above.


Year 5 children have been provided with a school exercise book in which to record their home learning.


Details will be uploaded onto this page regularly each Friday and will include:

  • Each day the children should  read for half an hour
  • Children will need to complete one piece of writing each day
  • Children will need to complete one Spelling, Punctuation or Grammar exercise each day
  • Children will need to complete one piece of handwriting exercise each day.
  • Children will need to complete one arithmetic exercise each day and one piece of maths learning each day.
  • Pupils need to practice all their times tables each day so that they know them ‘off by heart’.
  • Students will have overviews from their History and Geography units from this academic year and can chose a unit to further research and present as a newspaper/ information book/ etc from each subject. E.g. “My guide to the Romans”. The expectation is for one research piece of project learning per week.
  • Pupils will also have a times table pack and their times table rockstar books sent home.

Purple Mash is an online website where learning resources and provision for your child's year group can be accessed and downloaded. The password and web addresss details for Year 5 are as follows: 


Y5 pmash



Our expectations are that Year 5 children should spend a total of 5 hours learning each day. We ask that parents sign to record this at the end of each day for their children in their exercise book.


Useful links:

Stories for Kids Online

BBC Bitesize KS2

Maths games for KS2

Curriculum Quizzes for KS2

Joe Wicks PE (every weekday at 9.00am):